About Us

Poconos restaurant

Established in 2002 by Lee Crowell, Dale’s Pocono Bistro has grown to be recognized regionally in the NY/NJ/PA area.
Our number one customer compliment is that we serve well prepared fresh food.
We are inspired and committed to continue this success.
We strive to offer fresh food from tried and tested recipes we’ve developed through our 12 years experience. In our kitchen you will find only top quality ingredients such as pure olive oil,
AA butter, jumbo eggs and artisan bread baked fresh every day.
We bake chicken here in our ovens, roast our vegetables from fresh produce,
chop and rinse green leaf lettuce for our salads, and make all of our soups from fresh ingredients.

Each morning we hand peel Yukon gold potatoes for our home fries.
Our thick sliced bacon is imported from Canada. We serve premium Virginia ham, premium breakfast sausage patties, and John Taylor brand pork roll.

The servers at Dale’s take great pride in the beverages they prepare.
Whether it be a hot cappuccino or latte, our custom roasted coffee, one of our fresh brewed iced teas and iced tea blends, or one of our signature recipe smoothies you will not be disappointed.